Signature Scents

Hey Yall!!!!

I have purchased some products from some dope ass black owned businesses and decided to do some review posts about them and today I want to spotlight "Signature Scents by Hand" by Kabrea Thomas.

I met Kabrea last year doing a shoot with my favorite photographer (Chante Ramsey a.k.a VySynPhotos) who actually is a really good friend of mine and she decided she wanted to be shot this day and I was asked to do her makeup and Kabrea was the stylist. Both Kabrea and myself were super stoked because we're so used to seeing her behind the lens and this was our first time seeing her be a model.

The shoot was super fun and we were talking about our businesses and I found out she makes custom scents. Like you can have her create your own fragrance and I thought that was so cool.

I found a fragrance I really loved but it only came in a body spray and not an actual perfume so I decided to reach out to Kabrea and see if she could remix this fragrance for me. I sent her the fragrance notes and she told me she could mix something up for me so I placed my order and in about 2 weeks she had it packaged and sent to me and when I got it I was amazed!!! It was better than the body spray and because it was a perfume it would last longer. I was very pleased with my order.

So basically I have my very own fragrance that I can name and bottle. I may have to resell this yall!! Who wants my fragrance?

If you had an idea of your own fragrance hit her up and get it done, trust me you won't be disappointed. Tell her I sent ya!!!

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