Polished By Pretti

Hey Y'all I really need to start prioritizing my life!! As soon as school starts I feel like I'll have more time to get things back in order, speaking of school that whole ordeal is just crazy.... Anywho this post is another product review not that.

I am still early in my nail journey and when the lock-down first hit I was in desperate need of monomer (nail liquid for acrylics) and in trying to find some I was just disgusted at how this one ethnicity just dominates the whole beauty industry. From hair to supplies to nails I mean how is this even okay? So I made it my business to find some black owned nail companies to spend my money with. I found this nail page on the explore section on Instagram and started following the page @PolishedByPretti and saw she had products for sell. I followed her for a lil while before I purchased anything but when I contacted her to purchase she was super professional and helpful, she didn't have a site up but she didn't have an issue with sending me pics and prices of all her products. I placed my order and she sent it out pretty quickly.

I received my package and I was super impressed her products are pretty good and beginner friendly. I will definitely be ordering from her again. Go check out her page!! 

CLICK HERE to see how her products work.


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Great post. Nice ro see the support to a fellow entrepreneur

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