My Nail Journey

As some of you may know I started doing nails this year.... Let me tell y'all about this journey, Brace Yourselves!!

Late last year I was looking into going back to school but was conflicted on what to go for. I looked into Christine Valmy's esthetician program and decided to get enrolled. Being a makeup artist I feel like skincare is so freaking important. I love a good beat but it's nothing like taking it all off and loving what you see looking back at you and having healthy glowing skin is a great thing.  I spoke to a counselor and was told the next opening seat would be available for the April 2020 starting class and I didn't want to wait that long to start. 

I started to look into the nail tech program which was a shorter course and was interested. Having a background in advertising, marketing, wardrobing and makeup and from knowing me you know I love everything creative and beauty. I truly believe that when you look good you feel good. I love making ppl feel good and anyway I can do  that I will look into.m My goal is to have a one-stop beauty shop where you can be serviced in anything to make you feel and look good from skincare to makeup to haircare to nails. Like why not! These are all industries that make big money from celebrities all the way to the everyday working mom. 

Now if I really want to be in this industry I feel like I have to really have an interest and my own knowledge of these services so in looking to take this course I saw that I could start the program in January and be finished by  mid April and then begin the esthetics course right after, AWESOME!!

Now before I go telling my truths about my experience with Christine Valmy I wanna make sure I go pick up my diploma and take my practicals so yall stay tuned for that story and TRUST it's gone be GOOD!! But anyway I completed the course and am awaiting my temp. license.

I actually started doing nails on myself others in March so I am 5 months in and I feel like I am getting better but with the COVID I have been really hesitant on working with and touching and being around different ppl. I do know that I am truly enjoying learning and practicing nails. 

Here's some of my work and let me know what yall think!!




You can also follow my nail journey on my instagram @She.Is.Abitofeverythang

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