My Neck, My Back

Have y'all steamed y'all's Black Pearl?... Oh what's that? Well in an exercise I did in therapy we had to name our pussy and I chose Black Pearl and ever since I haven't called her anything else.....So have y'all done a steam, Yoni steam?? Been curious?

I have for a while now but I've been hesitant on going to a place and sitting on a commode or toilet to steam Black Pearl so I decided to do a lil more research. I've found a few companies that sell steam herbs and even a "throne" which is actually just a bed pan so you can do an at home steam, sounds dope right? But what is actually in the damn "herbs" cuz I'll be damned if I buy some fuckin oregano and mint leaves and a lot of these companies don't give a breakdown of everything in the herbs and all that they do.

So I'm scrolling social media and a friend of mine is now making at home Yoni steams.... YASSSSSSS!!!

So I reached out to her to get some more information but before that let me tell y'all who Ms. Tamykah Anthony of Xanthines All Natural Products is

 I met Tamykah back in 2016 or 2017 through a mutual friend at the time and heard of her products and even purchased a few but what really got me was that she was a scientist. Like how many of us personally know scientists, women scientists nah a black woman who's a scientist??? Yea we don't see that everyday. She's a real dope woman, down to earth, hella smart, a great mom and is so relatable. My daughter attended a few of the science workshops she held for the community children.

So like I said she makes these all natural products from body soaps and butters to hair products, I recently saw something about a replacement for dryer sheets, now that I have to look into and also Yoni herbs. 

So I messaged her and we set up a time to speak and do a lil consult before proceeding. She sent me an intake form that had all these health questions and on the call we spoke about any issues I had with Black Pearl and she got back to me with a recipe especially for "our" me and Black Pearl's needs and she thoroughly explained all that would be included and what each ingredient did and what to expect and I was sold!!

I received my package in no time and for my first at home steam she was on the phone with me the whole time.

I opened my yoni herbs and if you hear in the video I say they smell so good I mean so good, I think I can drink this, maybe. Any who I set my mood, burned some sage, playing Erykah Badu and y'all I fell asleep. I set an alarm which is how I knew when to get up but I thought it would be super awkward with my booty tooted up over a pot but it was really relaxing, I great first experience.

So in the order you get quite a few steamer packs, definitely enough to do at least 12 steams. I have my yoni pot cuz I didn't feel right steaming over my spaghetti pot. So I bought a yoni pot. I did another steam last week but at night and it was one of the best night's sleep I've gotten in a while.

I look forward to doing my monthly steaming so if you guys are interested and need some more information or are looking for some all natural products or want to personally know a black woman who's a scientist hit my girl up and tell her Black Pearl sent ya!!




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Aylyn Restituyo

My Cookie needs something to relax and feel better after 4 kids. 🥰🙏💪💝✌

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