Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself!!

Hey Yall!!

Some of yall  may be familar with me, all that I do and my blogging style but for the newbies, WELCOME and Thank you for joining!! My name is Jessica a.k.a ABOE b.k.a Abitofeverythang I am a makeup artist, a nail tech, blogger, jewelry maker, mom, single woman with a lot to say sometimes. I don't have a particular blog style or topic hence the name ABITOFEVERYTHANG! I just write about whatever and am unapologetic about it, I can re-call readers coming to argue with me on my wordpress platform, ppl are real life weirdos. Who really argues with strangers?? So I stay ready to stand my ground, yall may not agree with what I post and that's life but I will not be giving any energy to the back n forth so now I leave ppl to argue with themselves. 

I haven't blogged in a while but in my hiatus I have done A LOT! I used to have a makeup line that I created and handmade,it consisted of 3 eyeshadow palettes, 16 lipsticks/ glosses and 4 highlighter compacts. I decided to stop production and put it away for a while, I keep getting asked if I am going to start it back up and honestly I am not sure. I do not have plans on re-starting any time soon but I do have a few products I do want to introduce to my collection so stay tuned for that.


I took a nail tech course earlier this year and was about half way complete when this Covid-19 pandemic hit and shut everything down, I was able to complete my course remotely, that's a whole other story but I will say that nail tech is NOT easy that is definitely a skill that you have to constantly work on and it changes so much so fast but that's more my speed, I love learning new things so I'm all on it. I am still in kind of beginner mode but am steady learning everyday. Nail school in itself was an experience I will blog about later but if anyone was asking for my opinion on it I will say you will learn a lot on your own do not expect this courses to teach you how to do nails. They teach sanitation and state board but like I said I can get into that some more on another read.

I also took up jewelry making and created my beaded line and I have waistbeads, charm bracelets and anklets. I use an array of ceramic, metal and glass beads, crystals, jade, and charms. I create pieces to sell as is and I also take custom orders. All products can me custom made, you just let me know what color beads, crystals, charms and your measurements and I can create it. 

And to top all of that off my best work has been done on myself! I am constantly looking to better myself, I am doing the work to be a better me, to live my life's purpose and be accountable for me.




Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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